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Imagine …
…if you could turn back the clock to a time before your muscle stiffness, pain, tremor, or numbness affected your daily life…if high doses of medication and high prescription costs no longer concerned you.
Arrange to spend an hour with our Kinetic Recliner, enjoying the gentle rocking motion of a comfortably padded, motor-driven recliner that might offer some relief from your symptoms. Discover for yourself how this rhythmically moving device may contribute to your sense of well-being. Imagine how you might feel afterwards.

Elegant Simplicity
At a gentle pace of about six times per minute, the Kinetic Recliner alternately raises and lowers the upper and lower body, and thus augments peripheral circulation by using gravity to allow the veins and lymphatic vessels to first expand and then drain. This unique, internal form of passive exercise is reported to improve circulation and overall health. People with conditions that restrict circulation or
movement can suffer swelling, pain, weakness, and/or numbness in the extremities because the
lymph collectors and finer elements of the cardiovascular system can then become obstructed
and cease to function normally. The Kinetic Recliner appears to be a simple, safe, effective tool
that helps the body regain vital circulation and thus contributes to an improved, natural,
healthy state of being.

Alleviating Symptoms

Millions of Americans battle daily with the symptoms of diseases like Diabetes and Parkinson’s.
• Swelling and pain in the legs and feet
• Tremors
• Stiffness
• Speech impairment
• Balance and coordination challenges

The Kinetic Recliner’s cyclic movement has been shown to help:
• Lower blood glucose levels
• Relieve muscular stiffness, pain, and tremor
• Healing of wounds
• Increase blood flow to the legs and feet
• Relieve neuropathy

Improved Quality of Life
Regular passive exercise on the Kinetic Recliner
for at least one hour per day appears to improve
cardiovascular and lymphatic circulation
throughout the body. Those who have used this
recliner for at least an hour report:
• Increased energy
• Improved sense of well-being
• Clearer thinking
• Reduced amount
of medication required
• Easy to use

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